BC Resto Mac POS improves the efficiency, accuracy, intelligence and management of your establishment.


"The number one way small businesses can compete with chains is by nurturing the relationships they have with the customer...Collect their names, birthdays, anniversaries, and their specific likes, and use that information to start a direct mail campaign." Joe Erickson, editor of restaurantowner.com

BC Resto is a POS computer system (compatible with both PC and Mac), a fully downloadable point of sales system made specifically for independent restaurants and cafes. One can use the advanced capabilities of the BC Resto pos system to acquire a vast database of niche client needs, wants and preferences. With such acquired knowledge, establishments can in turn create brand loyalty through loyalty programs, weekly, monthly client billing accounts and receipt advertising etc. When working in the enormously competitive food service industry, having a database that lists clients contact information, food an d and drink preferences and location, is a tremendous advantage to any restaurant, cafe or takeaway establishment.


What’s it used for?

Businesses use this system to :

· track sales

· mail employees

· inventory

· turnover

· costs

· surplus

· losses


(Our specific inventory control capability is especially advanced as it allows you to track and correlate inventory depreciation with up to the minute orders and sales). The system logs data such as time, date and customer locations, storing this information in its intrinsic database so as to be used for data mining purposes.

The BC Resto POS System was designed for both PC and Mac. Those that wish to purchase the system for the Mac also gain the aesthetic advantage of having an elegant Apple Mac Book as there point of sale, whereby being able to get rid of any other space consuming hardware they may have on show.


“When paired with third-party POS software and peripheral products, the Mac is an elegant, smart, affordable solution that gives you all the information you need in a package that makes a statement.” Apple


POS systems have changed the face of retail

"Once you grow in size… especially as you add retail outlets or restaurant locations -- computerized POS will not only pay for itself in improved efficiencies, it will become critical just to know what is going on." The Benefits of Moving to a Point-of-Sale (POS) System by Mac McCarthy

BC Resto allows you to be and feel totally in control of the workings of your restaurant, cafe or takeaway establishment including profits, losses, deduction of margins, inventory, management of waiters and on time deliveries. Over the past 7 years we have developed our product BC Resto to specifically cater for independent café’s and restaurants, offering our service around the clock throughout your use of our software. We obtain the competitive advantage of optimum service which is simply evident in the fact that the developer of the software walks you through every step of your POS download and installation, either over the phone or via Skype if you prefer. Unlike our competitors, with us, you are never left on your own.


The developer of the software works in-office; therefore you have the creator of the software at your service. It's like having a windows problem and being able to call Bill Gates directly.


BC Resto's capabilities

· Its capabilities include protection against theft and fraud occurring within your establishment through inbuilt specific supervision and security solutions. These are tools for yourself and your managers to use in accordance with the advice of the National Federation of Independent Businesses whom advise against open hyper vigilance regarding employees.

· The system eliminates pricing mathematical errors and gives you optimum control over payroll in terms of specific and accurate calculation of time and hours worked.

· The system increases the speed of service of your establishment and allows you to obtain optimum intelligence regarding your business through enhanced reporting which in turn allows you to deduce key factors integral to the success of your business such as allowing you to access data that can be used to define your target niche i.e. your ideal customer through realizing your customer demographic, buying habits and purchase frequency.

· All the latter points accumulate to a conclusion that inevitably makes your business significantly more competitive within its market. In short… our product improves the efficiency/ accuracy/ intelligence and management of your establishment.