22/02/2009, Version 2.5
Improving the interface to take advantage of the new features of Filemaker 10.
09/01/2007, Version 2.4
Rewriting the management part for greater flexibility in using data. ETABAC function improved. You can now export product data sheets in PDF. Improved rental fees module. Improvements made on interface.
01/03/2006, Version 2.3
Conversion to enjoy the new features offered by Filemaker 8.
02/04/2003, Version 2.2
The due date for rent can now be organised monthly. An additonal column has been added to the management part identifying loys coming to the end of their contracts. Reorganised items to accomodate the fact that it is now possible to individually specify a lot. All information relevant to managing a lot can now be found in the management module, not only on the batch sheet. The software now works much faster. Removed the tax calculation of lease rights (which no longer exist).
14/07/2001, Version 2.1
You can easily select in the preferences whether you would like to work in EURO OR USD. If you would like to convert your data in to Euro's simply choose the option 'replace' in the menu. You can now print the operations data for a building and print receipts much more easily.
30/10/2000, Version 1.2.5
Accelerating code to display photos. Consideration of the case 'business premises' in the calculation of rental fees. Scroll possible notes per contact. Sheet 'historic' can be deleted directly by the garbage icon. Preparing code for web publishing.
22/9/2000, Version 1.2.3
The product changes name to BC Immo. Clearer display of the owners account with details of the 'retained earnings'. Annual charges already paid are now calculated automatically with annual adjustment.
26/07/2000, Version 1.2.2
Improved navigation for management: active arrows, errors in the calculation of management fees and the VAT on these costs. Interface improved for user friendliness.
07/07/2000, Version 1.2.1
Some minor corrections made. Version now avaliable on Macintosh and Windows.