About Us
A Brief Introduction
The Graphic Designer
The company consists of a three musketeer type architecture starting with the 'baggie trousered, complex individual known as our graphic designer, who majored in art and design studies obtaining accomplishments such as receiving multiple awards for his Art portfolio as well as having his work displayed in the Guggenheim museum. In his early years, this musketeer also won 3rd prize in the international graphic design festival of Chaumont. This designer’s portfolio of skills include visual website design and development, print design, shooting and post production as well as video post production.
The Engineer
The second musketeer is an internet genius. This networking solutions engineer is highly regarded in his field, skilled in the intrinsic dynamics of any hardware or software solution. If your computer is not working or not reaching its full capabilities, this is the man to speak to. This musketeer is no stranger to innovation having created 3 embedded system networks.
The Developer
Last but by no means least I introduce to you the head of the Musketeers, the developer, the sole founder of BC Resto (a POS software system that is fully downloadable off the website and works beautifully on apple Mac's). The knowledge of this man is outstanding. Anything to do with computers (PC or Mac’s), hardware, software, databases, programming or apple technologies, this is the man to consult. He is a keen apple enthusiast and those in the office are regularly updated and quizzed on their up to the minute knowledge of recent technology changes and advancements. The developer’s portfolio of software creations include BC Boutique, BC Garage and of course BC Resto.
The Team The intellectual property of our company is quite frankly next to none and BCResto is one of our first products to be launched outside of Monaco and France. Therefore I leave you with the knowledge that BCMonaco is an up and coming innovative company and BCResto is one of the first in a long line of products you'll be seeing in our product line. BCResto has been developed over the last 8 years and now obtains truly outstanding capabilities in both inventory tracking and user friendliness. BC Monaco; experts in computer consultancy and product innovation.